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Retirement Planning Strategies for Greenville, SC

In this day and age, it’s recommended that everybody look into retirement income strategies, regardless of income level. The typical approach for retirement is to relocate growth-seeking products to products that are fixed-income.

With vast improvements in technology and healthcare, people today are living longer than they used to, which makes early retirement planning even more crucial than before. While added years to the average life expectancy is definitely a positive, there is a downside. To compensate for those extra years, you need to have that much extra income saved in your retirement income account. Many Americans are concerned about this additional income dependence placed on their plan, but the right retirement design can help.

Many different factors can impact your retirement, such as an income loss or deduction that occurs right before retirement versus earlier in your career. Why is it worse to have this happen closer to retirement? It’s because there is less time to increase your asset pool, which you rely on to sustain you during retirement years. It’s always better if there’s more time for your assets to recover from a financial hurdle.

With these factors in mind, we can create a retirement income strategy that integrates annuity and insurance vehicles. The design will aim for long-term growth and guaranteed* income flow as you go through your retirement years.

*Guarantees are made possible with the ability and financial strength of said company. Restrictions, withdrawal fees, and limitations may apply depending on the individual circumstances. FDIC insurance does not apply to annuities.

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Be aware that no investment advisor will offer legal and tax advice, and no information given should be constituted as such. For that form of consultation, please contact an appropriate tax or legal professional.

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*Guarantees provided by insurance products are backed by the claims paying ability of the issuing carrier.

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